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January 2, 2023 3:00 AM UTC

We’re trying a Discord server

If you’ve been around omg.lol for a while, you’ve had a front-row seat to our various migrations across several community/chat platforms. Like a group of virtual nomads, we’ve plunked ourselves down somewhere for a while, only to scoop ourselves back up again and move elsewhere. First Keybase, then Discord, then Slack, then a failed experiment with Matrix, and finally over to IRC. There’s a story behind each of these moves, but the super abridged version is that IRC is wonderful and I wish we had just been there from the start.

As wonderful as IRC is, though, it’s not for everyone. And I’ve felt a little bad about choosing a generally nerdy and somewhat esoteric chat platform for our community. I’ve received requests every week since July to start a Discord, and my guilt levels just kept rising each time it came up.

So, today, I’m trying something new—I’ve launched a new Discord server that’s bridged with our existing IRC server. It’s an experimental setup, and we may need to make some changes based on usage and other considerations. But for now, it’s more or less a 1:1 mirroring of channels across both platforms, and it seems to be working decently so far.

If you’d like to hop on, just navigate over to your omg.lol address page and pull up your social.lol options. You’ll see a button to connect to Discord there.

As always, I’m open to feedback on the setup! Hope to see you on IRC, even if it’s via Discord. 😄

— Adam