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January 11, 2023 8:15 AM UTC

Some quick Weblog updates

  1. Templates have been moved to their own section in the web UI. Your default/main template appears there now, and any additional templates that you create will be listed there as well.
  2. You can now schedule posts to be published in the future by simply setting a future date/time in the entry metadata.

And a few quick bug fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue with inconsistent interpretation of the timezone configuration.
  2. Fixed an issue preventing links from working when weblogs were served from some of the built-in routes on the Switchboard.
  3. Filtered templates from appearing in search results.
  4. Fixed a problem with the Index: Exclude entry metadata, which wasn’t properly excluding entries from search results.

And, finally, a quick update on Weblog documentation. I’m still way behind on it, but starting to get somewhere! You’ll now find it (as a work in progress) at https://weblog.lol, and the source can be found in this repo.

More to come soon!

— Adam