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January 13, 2023 2:01 AM UTC

Some more Weblog updates

  1. Made a tiny bit more progress on the weblog.lol documentation and I’m planning to complete this over the weekend.

  2. Added some Feed buttons to the web UI, so now it’e easy to pull up any of your feeds (RSS, Atom, and JSON) for quick reference, troubleshooting, etc.

  3. Added some new tags that you can use in entries and templates: {rss-location}, {atom-location}, and {json-location} will provide the relative path to each respective feed type. {rss-url}, {atom-url}, and {json-url} will provide the full URL to each feed type.

  4. Added support for footnotes. The syntax is similar to the extended Markdown syntax, but not quite identical—my implementation only supports numeric footnote names, and I don’t have the fancy multi-paragraph footnote support in place quite yet. But for most use cases, I think we’re covered for now!

That’s all for now. Back with more tomorrow, more than likely!

— Adam