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February 4, 2023 11:39 PM UTC

Weblog updates: Bugfixes, Getting Started Video, and Documentation

First, a couple of quick bugfixes worth mentioning:

  1. There was a problem identified where deleting a post didn’t always delete its associated tag entries (resulting in “orphaned tags” which is not a phrase on my bingo card today). I believe I’ve cleaned these up, but if you come across any weirdness there you can pop open your Configuration and click Save (which will rebuild your weblog).

  2. An issue affecting timezone parsing (that’s been haunting me for weeks) has finally been addressed. If you were noticing any inconsistencies with the dates/times on your posts and other places where dates/times are shown (like your post URLs), the same weblog rebuild process mentioned above should clear that up.

Getting Started video

Long overdue, but finally here: I’ve made a video that shows the most basic bits and pieces of weblog.lol — taking you from a blank slate to a simple weblog. It’s a pretty awful video as videos go, but hopefully it can still be helpful to anyone who’s been looking for a bit more info (or even something like a tutorial) for jumping into the beta weblog service.

I have another video in the works that covers the Git-based weblog content management process—stay tuned!

Documentation update

Many of you have heard me lament the awful state of weblog.lol documentation (which is entirely my problem/fault), but there’s some good news to share—omg.lol community member and technical writer extraordinaire @mph has stepped forward to take on the task of helping to bring some order to the chaos!

This means two things:

  1. Soon, you’ll see vastly improved documentation over on https://weblog.lol.
  2. You can email docs@omg.lol with any requests, suggestions, etc. (or even just to say “hi”)!

That’s it for now. As always, thanks for being an awesome member of our community. ❤️ See you soon.

— Adam