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March 9, 2023 11:48 PM UTC

Picture Sharing and Discourse

some.pics is now available in beta! This is omg.lol’s much-requested picture sharing feature. You can use it to share pictures, either on the site itself or on weblog.lol. The Info Center article does a nice job of explaining things if you’d like to learn more.

When you upload a picture, it will remain hidden until you add a description (this ensures that every picture has accessible alt text). With a description in place, the picture will appear on the some.pics landing page and on your personal page (which you can access by clicking your omg.lol address wherever it shows up on the site).

There are a few known bugs currently, including some upload issues (working hard on those!). Here’s what I’ll be working on next for the feature:

  • Bio text on your personal page
  • API endpoint documentation
  • Feeds (general and individual)
  • Improved upload process
  • Pagination (I don’t really do this anywhere at the moment, ugh)
  • Switchboard integration (for external domain support)

To give it a try, just navigate to your address page on home.omg.lol and click the Pics button. If you have any questions or feedback about the service, please feel free to share in Discourse. Wait, what’s a Discourse?

Discourse Forum

Today I launched a new forum of our very own—a self-hosted Discourse forum running at discourse.lol. I’m new to Discourse myself, so I’ll be learning more about it over the coming days and weeks, but so far it seems super cool. I was able to get the single sign-on process working, so access to the forum is tied to your omg.lol address (and the forum will remain for omg.lol members only).

This will replace our GitHub Discussions forum, which has been nice, but isn’t self-hosted. I’m trying (slowly but steadily) to remove our reliance on third-party platforms and services, both for general future-proofing and the obvious privacy benefits to our community.

Let me know (on Discourse!) if you have any thoughts about this (or anything else).

— Adam