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March 19, 2023 11:31 PM UTC

Charity Auction Benefitting The Trevor Project

2023-03-26 Update: The charity auction raised $305 for the address @c. Combined with everyone’s individual donations, we raised at least $900 for The Trevor Project! ❤️

Single-letter omg.lol addresses are super rare around here (there are only 26 of them!). And lifetime addresses are incredibly rare as well, having only been offered for a short time early on in the service’s history (and a couple of times since then). Today I’m offering the chance to get both while also helping a charity that (sadly) has never needed help more critically than right now.

Just listed on eBay is an opportunity to own the address @c (so, c.omg.lol and c@omg.lol) for life. This is a charity auction, and The Trevor Project will receive 100% of the proceeds.

I shared the abridged backstory of why I’m doing this on Mastodon:

I’m sickened by what’s happening in the USA. The cold way in which people’s right to exist is simply being legislated away, even when the people who are making those decisions are completely aware of the implications. Even when provided with all of the information required to understand what will happen following their choices—the pain and suffering, the detriments to mental health, and the suicides—they will nevertheless carry on with putting the machinery of government to work at removing people’s right to exist. This isn’t politics, or religion, or morals or family values—it’s pure cruelty. It is people in power making deliberate decisions intended to hurt some of the most vulnerable people simply because they are different. And it’s pathetic.

Right now, the most important thing is to ensure that the victims of these laws are able to get the support they need. To that end, I’m doing everything I can to support The Trevor Project. Besides my own donations, I’m hoping that the lifetime address auction can make an impact. And for the rest of March, if you forward your own Trevor Project donation receipt email to help@omg.lol, I’ll add a year to your omg.lol address. ❤️