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November 29, 2023 1:14 AM UTC

Last chance to save, Prami pins, and a December development blitz

Our month of savings is nearly over, with our final sale running over the next ~48 hours. Thanksgiving may be over, but I’m still thankful for you—and you can use code THANKSGIVING to save 50% at checkout! Crazy! You can use the code to save on adding time to your current address, buying a new address, or picking up a gift code. The sale ends on November 30, so don’t snooze on this one!

(Note that when you redeem the code, you’ll want to do it on the Stripe checkout page—that’s the page where you pay, not the page before that one with the “gift code” field.)

Also! Our beloved Prami pins are still in stock and ready to ship to anywhere in the world. International shipping costs are frustratingly high, so if you’re outside of the USA and buy a pin, feel free to send an email to help@omg.lol and we can offset the shipping cost with some time added to your omg.lol address.

Finally, December is just around the corner—I’ll be dusting off 25 Days of omg.lol and doing another daily development blitz with new updates every day. Stay tuned for details on December 1!

— Adam