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June 2, 2023 4:17 AM UTC

Introducing a very awesome new login process

Passkey support rolled out on omg.lol a while ago, because passkeys are insanely great and it was instantly clear to me that they are the future of digital authentication. (If you don’t know what a passkey is, there’s some great info here, a great video here, and a neat demo here.)

In addition to passkeys, omg.lol also allows you to set a password (or not!) and optionally enable 2FA. Which is all good stuff, but given the realization that passkeys truly are the future, this “authentication soup” that we have in place today isn’t really future-friendly or even necessary. (Also, you would not believe how many people lose access to their 2FA setups—it’s, like, epidemic levels of 2FA troubles out there. Seriously.)

Enter Passage by 1Password

I’ve been a 1Password mega-fan for a while now, and when I recently learned that they’re offering a complete passkey-driven authentication solution I had to check it out. And then I fell in love with it, because it’s everything I could ever want in a service: simple, lightweight, fast, privacy-focused, and API-driven. I began testing it with another project and it’s been nothing short of delightful—so now it’s time to bring it to omg.lol and let everyone enjoy that sweet, secure awesomeness.

What will change?

  • Over this weekend (June 2, 2023) omg.lol will begin the authentication transition process.
  • You’ll notice some visual differences in the sign-in UI as well as to the process for adding/managing passkeys.
  • If you want to continue using a passkey to sign in (and you totally should!), you’ll need to set up a new passkey on your account settings screen.

When the transition is complete (which will likely be in 1-2 weeks), this is what you can expect:

  • We’ll purge your old passkey’s public key, your account password (if you had one set), and your 2FA settings (if you had 2FA configured).
  • You’ll be able to sign into omg.lol with either a passkey or a magic link over email.

That’s it! I’m really excited about this, because it’s going to be a much nicer sign-in process all the way around, and we’ll all benefit from really nice new Passage features (like being able to add multiple passkeys, which you can’t even do today on omg.lol). No more passwords, no more awkward time-based 2FA codes — just passkeys with email fallback and smooth sailing into a safe, secure future together on the internet.

If you have any questions, you can drop them in this Discourse thread, ping @prami on social.lol, or send an email to help@omg.lol.

— Adam