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October 1, 2023 3:52 PM UTC

St. Jude Fundraiser Report

What a month! Throughout September, omg.lol donated half of our earnings to the Relay for St. Jude fundraiser. Last night was our final daily donation, and the total for the month came in at an astounding $3,309.88! You can view the daily donation activity here.

Now, before you start thinking “oh wow that omg.lol guy must be driving a Ferrari” or whatever, please know that September’s revenue was far above-average for any given month due to our multiple lifetime address auctions and all of the St. Jude support in general. omg.lol is doing fine overall, but we’re nowhere near Ferrari levels of revenue. (And I’d take a Toyota Corolla over a Ferrari any day.)

I want to extend a genuinely warm and gushy thanks to everyone who supported both omg.lol and St. Jude during the month. There were some really incredible address renewals (several for 10 years!) and the lifetime address auctions were just wild. Maybe we should do more of those more often?

Finally, even though September is over, the Relay FM St. Jude campaign runs for a few more days! Robb and I would be thrilled if you’d consider any final donations, which are still eligible for the sticker pack (anything over $10) and the drawings for the lifetime omg.lol address and other goodies. Donate here!

This was so much fun to do, and it helped such an amazing cause. We’ll do it again next year, for sure!

— Adam